Seeking: Inspiration! March 18 – 27, 2016

antique-map-with-a-heart-over-the-city-of-florence-in-italy-elite-image-photography-by-chad-mcdermottCountdown to time away....vacation! Scarlet Begonias will be closed March18 - March 27 (Easter Sunday). In cerca di ispirazione Italiana!  Looking forward to bringing the ambiance  of Italy back to Scarlet Begonias! Ciao! "I urge you to travel. As far and as much as possible. Work ridiculous shifts to save your money. Go without the latest iPhone. Throw yourself out of your comfort zone. Find out how other people live & realize that the world is a much bigger place than the town you live in.  And when you come home, home may still be the same, & yes, you may go back to the same old job, but something in your mind will have changed. And trust me, that changes everything." (copied)