Meg Williams – St. Augustine, FL

Best little boutique I've ever stumbled across while on the road! You can tell that they strive to find unique artsy items that you won't find at every other little cutesy shop. Did I mention I was already sold when I stepped out of the car and saw the name? Going inside and shopping exceeded the high hopes I already had by just reading the name.

“Where Love Dances Around All Day Long”

"Yesterday I spent the day at my favorite downtown store where love dances around all day long. It spins in the rafters and slides down the lampshades, the energy is so enthusiastic. It's a parade of joy, a circus of love and I always feel charged up from being there in that space with everyone who comes and all who stay... to nurture it every day." -- Kym Goins, Mount Airy, NC

Mickey Norman, Fancy Gap, VA

Walking into Scarlet Begonias is not unlike that first glimpse of an unexpectedly beautiful sunset—surprising and familiar all at once. The first things noticed are color and space, finely shaded with light and shadow; and the immediate, subtle pleasure of having just discovered something new and unique. Everything in this charming little store blends color and space with a not-quite-identifiable nudge of meaning, from note cards to dream catchers; custom hewn knick-knacks and jewelry to clothes. From children’s toys to gauzy bright scarves. Even the greeting cards and wall sayings seem to go just one step farther: ‘To succeed in Life’ one of them beckons, ‘All you need is ignorance and confidence’, a quote by Mark Twain. My personal favorite thing in the store is the staircase, an old wooden staircase (the steps of which are used as creative displays themselves) rising up to the second floor which isn’t there at all. The name ‘Scarlet Begonias’ is from the title of a Grateful Dead song. And in the back of my mind, when I first saw that staircase, I couldn’t help but think of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’. If you haven’t yet found Scarlet Begonias, you should—even if it’s a bit out of the way. Not only will you not be disappointed, you’ll be back. “I had one of those flashes I had been there before Been there before” -- GRATEFUL DEAD from ScarletBegonias